Our Staff

The Chagrin Valley Recreation Center is staffed by young adults from all over the Chagrin Valley.

Director – Chris Hagen

Facilities Manager –  Andrea DiSalvo

Assistant Pool Directors – Emma Botcher, Georgia Markey

Swim Team Coaches –  (Coming Soon)

Learn to Swim Director – Emma Botcher

Summer staff includes concessions stand employees, summer camp counselors, lifeguards, maintenance and swim instructors.  Applications are due to the P.O. Box no later than January 31 of every year.  Applications are on line.  Please submit to the mailing address below.

2019 Summer Directors

Director • Chris Hagen
Facilities Manage r• Andrea DiSalvo
Head Swim Coach •  (Coming Soon)

Elected Rec Council Board
Vice-Chairperson • Jessica Allen
Recording Secretary • (Open)
Corresponding Secretary • Addie Holdren
Treasurer • Seamus Malley

Rec Council Appointments 
Heidi Asplin * Maggie Beatty * Kris Brugger * Fran Bourne * Amy Dietzel * Megan Evans * Debbie Fitzmaurice •*Caroline Ford  *  Ann Gasser • Neil Markey •  Emily Gold • Rebecca Haas * Jennica Mignogna * Ann Mitchell • Kathy Rohde • Danjela Sluder * Maggie Stauffer •