Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do the capital contribution and membership fees pay for?
    The Chagrin Rec Center is a nonprofit organization that operates independently from both the Village of Chagrin Falls and the school district, receiving no tax dollars or funding outside of the Rec’s own member dues and small fundraising program.   Capital contributions are typically directed towards facility needs, including the upkeep of three pools and the Rec building. Here is a list of items we have that still need to be addressed.  Membership fees are typically directed towards daily running costs (eg staff, utilities, member activities).  A $30 fee per family will be assessed in the 2023 season to help offset these costs; it is now included in the base price of each membership. 

    2.   Are floaties & flotation devices permitted at the pool?  Yes, ONLY pool noodles
    The Rec is a Learn to Swim facility. With three pools – including one starting at zero depth – our facility is designed to encourage independent swimming by even our youngest members. We do not allow any floaties or rafts and encourage you to consider swim lessons for children who are ready to strengthen their skills and confidence in the water.

    3.  What age can kids come to the pool by themselves?  
    Members must be at least 10 years of age to be at the pool without an adult. Parents are encouraged to use their discretion with children over age 10 and to talk with their child about appropriate behavior at the pool when a parent is not with them. 

    4.  How is the Rec funded?
    The Rec is funded entirely by member dues and a small fundraising program. Unlike other local community pools, the Rec receives no government or school funding.

    5.  How can I create a legacy gift?  
    For more information on Legacy Gifts, please go to our Legacy Gift page.

    6.  How do I get help in the off season?
    Off-Season:  October – May. During the off-season, we mostly operate with volunteer staff and do not have posted office hours.   We recommend e-mailing our director at  This way we can pass along your entire message to the proper staff member to get back with you.  

    7.  Does my child need to wear a swim diaper?
    Yes, children who are not fully toilet trained must wear a disposable swim diaper.